Preparation and Properties of Carbon Skeleton Graphene-based Conductive and Thermal Conductive Films

CHEN Xiaohua,SHI Xiao,FENG Xianqiang,WU Huali,NING Xiaohua,ZHANG Mingyuan


  Carbon fiber was pre-oxidized and desized, and then mixed with mesophase pitch toluene solution. Carbon fiber membrane skeleton was prepared by vacuum assisted flow-filtration,and secondary filtration graphite oxide was filled between carbon skeletons. A self-supporting G-CF-MP composite film with a three-dimensional network structure was obtained after heat treatment. The effects of different heat treatment temperatures of carbonation and graphitization on the morphology,electrical conductivity,and thermal conductivity of the thin film materials were explored and analyzed. Through structural characterization,it is found that carbon fibers form a carbon skeleton with high mechanical properties. Carbon fiber surfaces and the spaces between the fibers are evenly coated and filled with graphene. The mesophase pitch exhibits fluidity and viscosity after reaching the softening point and then fully wets the gap between carbon fiber and graphene. The three carbon materials act synergistically to obtain a high mechanical strength and high conductivity G-CF-MP composite film material. Conductivity test found that graphitization can effectively improve the conductivity of the material. The square resistance of G-CF-MP composite film after carbonization at 900 ℃ is 2.853 Ω/sq,and the square resistance after graphitization is 0.229 Ω/sq. The thermal conductivity test results show that the thermal conductivity of G-CF-MP(900 ℃) is 475.2 W/(m·K),and the thermal conductivity of G-CF-MP(2 300 ℃) is 532.8 W/(m·K).



Keywords: graphene oxide,  carbon fiber,  conductive properties,  thermal conductivity

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