Influence of High Shear Dispersion on Conductive Properties of MultiWall Carbon Nanotubes/VARTM Epoxy Resin Composites

LIU Hesheng, DUAN Xiangyu, LAI Jiamei


The dispersion of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) in epoxy resin was facilitated with the assistance of high shear dispersing emulsifier. The MWNTs/EP composites was manufactured using vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) technology, and the conductive properties affected by the speed and time were studied. The results showed that the conductive properties of the composite increased at first and then decreased with the increasing high shear dispersing time or speed. A threshold was captured when the high shear dispersing was 30 min and speed was 22 000 r/min. The addition of 1.5% MWNTs (wt. %) can decrease the surface resistance of epoxy resin within 5 orders of magnitude. The effect of dispersion of MWNTs in EP was also verified by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).



Keywords: multi wall carbon nanotubes,  high shear dispersion,  epoxy resin,  conductive properties

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