Research on Torque Ripple of Switched Reluctance Motor Based on Current Slope

LI Mengqiu,WANG Wenbing,LI Bo,CAI Hui, SHEN Shiqi


    Aiming at the problem of large torque ripple in low speed operation of switched reluctance motor, this paper presented a current predictive control strategy of fixed switching frequency to improve the current dynamic tracking ability and to realize the constant speed control of the motor. According to the electromagnetic relationship, the current slope of positive current, negative voltage and zero voltage in the current control cycle is estimated, and the duty cycle of the current cycle is predicted, so that the winding current can be precisely controlled. The simulation and experimental results verify the feasibility of the current predictive control strategy. It shows that the proposed method has a fast dynamic response and can track the reference current very well at low speed, which can restrain the torque ripple and electromagnetic noise.



Keywords: switched reluctance motor,  current predictive control,  current slope method,  torque ripple

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