Research on Vehicle Impact Performance of Tridimensional Parking Structure Based on Multi-scale Model

HE Yongjun, JIANG Yuting, ZHOU Xukong


 To study the dynamic responses of a tridimensional parking structure subjected to vehicle impact, a multi-scale and refined finite element models of the tridimensional parking structure were established based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA finite element software. The accuracy and efficiency of these two models were compared, and the applicability of the multi-scale model was verified. Based on the multi-scale model, the dynamic responses of the tridimensional parking structures were examined, and the influences of various factors, such as the impact velocity, vehicle mass, impact position, and working condition were investigated. Additionally, the impact force was studied and compared with the allowances given in Chinese code, American code, and European code. The results indicate that the vehicle impact has a local effect on the tridimensional garage; the impact velocity and vehicle mass have a great influence on the dynamic responses of the tridimensional garage, while the impact position and working condition present no obvious effect; the impact velocity has a greater influence on the impact force. However, when the impacted column is failed, the peak value of the impact force would not change with the increase of the impact velocity and vehicle mass; for the tridimensional parking structure subjected to vehicle impact, the values of the impact force given in Chinese code and Europe code are not reliable in some cases, but the value given in American code is safe.


Keywords: multi-scale model,  tridimensional parking structure,  vehicle impact, dynamic response,  impact force

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