Planning and Priority Budget for Health Sector Minimum Service Standards at Community Health Center in Indonesia

Sunarto *


Puskesmas as the main implementer of Minimum Service Standards' achievement in the health sector, needs support to achieve the expected achievements. Puskesmas need to be studied to add to the discourse as one of the ingredients in decision-making in Indonesia's health sector. This research is qualitative research with a case study approach. The collecting technique is secondary data in the form of documents, primary data through in-depth interviews, observations, and/or focus group discussions (FGD) with triangulation. The results showed that the planning used the bottom-up, top-down, and community participation approaches. Budget sources are quite good, but budgets for the MSS program have not been specifically segregated in the two districts. It is hoped that there will be flexibility in prioritizing budgets for SPM, UKM, and other regional needs programs. This study's objectives (1) determine priorities for planning and budgeting for minimum service standards in the health sector in public health centers. (2) the right priority in planning the minimum service standard steward in the health sector at the health center.


Keywords: planning, priority, budget, SPM Health.



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