Accelerated Solution Method for Vehicle Trajectory Tracking Based on Model Predictive Control

Sun Hao, Du Yu, Bu Dexu, Liu Haodong


To solve the problems of large scale and low efficiency in the solution of intelligent vehicle trajectory tracking algorithm based on model predictive control,this paper proposes a time-domain splitting method to accelerate the calculation. First,global consistency variables are introduced to transform the time-domain coupling constraints of the adjacent control cycles into global consistency constraints,thus to achieve time-domain decoupling. Then,under the framework of Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers,the block updating method of optimization problem after time domain splitting is derived,and the stop criterion of block updating numerical solution is designed. Therefore,the large-scale optimization problem is converted into several small-scale sub-problems. Finally,the Simulink-CarSim platform is set up and the algorithm is verified by simulation. The simulation results show that,under the same accuracy of the solution,the efficiency of solution is improved by 24.21% on average with the proposed method,achieving accelerated solution for vehicle trajectory tracking based on model predictive control.



Keywords:   model predictive control,  autonomous vehicles,  path tracking,  alternating direction method of multipliers,  time splitting

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