Preparation and Property Study of UV-absorbing Fluorine-silicon Acrylic Resin

HE Deliang, LEI Huibin, LI Ping, QU Bei, XU Shengrong, CUI Hao


A kind of UV-absorbing fluorine-silicon acrylic resin was prepared by solution copolymerization with vinyltrimethoxysilane(VTMS),hexafluorobutyl methacrylate(HFMA) and 2-(4-Benzoyl-3-hydroxyphenoxy) ethyl acrylate(BHEA) as modifying monomers. The acrylic polymers were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectrum(FT-IR),Ultraviolet(UV) absorption spectrum;and the coatings thereof were studied by thermogravimetric analysis(TGA),water contact angle(CA) and Xenon lamp artificial accelerated aging tests. The results showed that the resins contained modifying groups and exhibited high UV absorbing performance, and the coatings showed good heat-resistance and hydrophobicity with the water CA of 92°. Meanwhile, the weather-resistance was promoted under the enduring protection of the modifying monomers. After 1 000 h aging test,the color difference and gloss retention of coatings were 3.12 and 80.4%, respectively.



Keywords: acrylic resin,  fluorine-silicone,  UV-absorbing,  thermal stability,  hydrophobicity,  weather-resistance

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