Evaluation of nitrogen treatment in the wastewater treatment plant by dynamic optimization

Dinh Huan Nguyen, M.A. Latifi


This article studies the efficiency of wastewater treatment by two different methods of biological treatment based on two plants. The Benchmark wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) has two first anoxic tanks for organic treatment and denitrification; next three aerobic tanks are used for organic and nitrification treatment; nitrates from the last aerobic tank are circulated to the first anoxic tank to continue the denitrification. The Verulam WWTP is comprised of an anoxic tank for treating organic material, the next two aerobic tanks for nitrification, the fourth anoxic tank for denitrification and, finally, the aerobic one for organic matter settling. Thus, both WWTPs have two anoxic tanks and three aerobic tanks but the arrangement of tanks is different. While considering the cost of the aeration system, our research results indicate that the Benchmark WWTP is about 15% more effective compared to the Verulam one. Besides, the Benchmark WWTP is easy to control the effluent by internal recycling.



Keywords: Benchmark WWTP, Verulam WWTP, wastewater treatment, methods of denitrification, optimization.

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