Adaptive Lateral Stability Control of Electric Vehicle Based on FNN

YUAN Xiaofang,CHEN Qiuyi,HUANG Guoming,SHI Ke


 An adaptive lateral stability control system based on Fuzzy Neural Network(FNN) is proposed to solve the uncertain stability problems of Distributed Drive Electric Vehicles(DDEV) such as insufficient steering and lateral instability. The system consists of an upper direct yaw moment controller and a lower torque distribution controller. The upper direct yaw moment controller can get the desired direct yaw torque according to the error of side slip angle caused by uncertain factors. The lower torque allocation controller distributes the output of the upper controller to each hub motor according to the tire's load, which can adjust the vehicle attitude efficiently and improve the steering ability and lateral stability of the vehicle. Simulation results show that the proposed control system can significantly improve the lateral stability of DDEV,and show the better control effect than the traditional fuzzy control.



Keywords: Distributed Drive Electric Vehicles(DDEV),  lateral stability,  uncertainty,  yaw moment , Fuzzy Neural Network(FNN)

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