Nonlinear Variable Structure Excitation Control for Electric Brake of Hybrid Motor Dump Truck

XIA Yunqing,TANG Huaping,TAN Qing,ZHU Guanghui


 As the uncertainty of the nonlinearity and load disturbance of the electric brake excitation control of Hybrid Motor Dump Truck (HMDT) impacts on vehicle stability, especially on battery life, a nonlinear variable structure excitation control strategy with feedback precision linearization control and sliding mode control was proposed. This paper established the Simple Input Simple Output(SISO) second-order nonlinear model of electric brake excitation control, and the nonlinear problem was transformed into a linear problem by the precise linearization of the nonlinear model. Then, the speed closed-loop excitation controller was designed with sliding mode variable structure control. At the same time, in order to weaken the system buffeting, ensure system stability under the bad working condition of the mine, and ensure stable speed and braking current, the Luenberger load disturbance state observer was designed. MATLAB simulation results show that, compared with PID controller, NVSC controller has the advantages of dynamic performance and quick response. Under load disturbance fluctuation, the motor speed and braking feedback current are stable and the system is robust, which guarantees the battery life and HMDT stability.



Keywords: Hybrid Motor Dump Truck(HMDT),  excitation control,  Nonlinear Variable Structure Control(NVSC), state observer

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